Giesser PremiumCut Red Diamond Edition 3er-Set

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PremiumCut Carving Set
Red Diamond

The PremiumCut chef's knife set from GIESSER consists of the
Barbeque No 1, Chefs No 1 and Filet No 1.

Both knives are well and safely stowed in the practical and attractive wooden box. An ideal gift for all knife or meat lovers, show cooks and grill fans.


•   Top class chef's knife set

•   For all passionate cooks

•   Consisting of knife Barbeque No 1 with 30 cm blade,
     Chefs No 1 with 20 cm blade and Filet No 1 with
     17 cm blade

•   In the exclusive wooden box

•   Also ideal as a gift

•   Handle scales made of high-quality acrylic


With the Red Diamond handle, other knives, meat forks, sharpening steels and knife sets are available from us.


Barbeque No 1

The pointed, curved blade shape, the powerful, curved cutting edge - exactly the right tool for large pieces of meat and fish or to process vegetables.

Experience the fascination of cutting at a wonderful barbecue event.
The handle design is ergonomically perfect.

The knife-holding hand finds its position automatically in the particularly pronounced recessed grip and guaranteed giving the user perfect and energy-saving use of the knife.

Chefs No 1

As a classic among knives, the Chefs No 1 is a real all-rounder both in the kitchen and at the barbeque. Meat, vegetables or herbs, no matter when the all-rounder is used - cutting or chopping has never been so easy.

As with the "big brother", the Barbeque No 1, the recessed grip is a very distinctive and important design feature. The knife-guiding hand is always correctly positioned. The force is optimally transferred to the blade with both pulling and pushing cuts. This is not only energy-saving, but also protects the blade at the same time.

Filet No 1

With the Filet No 1, its slightly flexible and curved 17 cm blade, all boning and filleting work can be done effortlessly, safely and quickly.


The handle

The handle is very exclusive. The red-black handle scales are made of high quality acrylic. Each handle is unique, as each shell has a slightly different grain and the shape of the handle is precisely tailored to the needs of the user. The knife, fork or steel fits perfectly in the hand.

But beware! The knives are particularly sharp and should be used with due respect. This special and valuable knife should always be washed by hand with caution and care and kept in a safe place (out of the reach of children).

The blade

High-quality chrome-molybdenum steel hardened in a vacuum to a whopping 57 degrees of hardness. The result is a knife blade that has excellent cutting properties and maximum edge retention.

Fine polishing and the finishing touches by a master's hand guarantee long-lasting pleasure in cutting.

The packaging

Every knife, fork, steel or even the various sets are packed in an exclusive wooden box. There is also a special blade protection for each knife so that the knife can always be stored safely.

PremiumCut is therefore a unique gift for anyone who likes to cook or grill and celebrate with friends.


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Giesser PremiumCut Steel No.1 Red Diamond Edition 25 cm Giesser PremiumCut Steel No.1 Red Diamond Edition 25 cm
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